Fishing Videos

(Got a new GoPro and hope to learn to use it!)

Eagle Lake Opener in my Kayak

May 24, 2014

First use of my GoPro mount on my 'yak.


Just a clip of trolling with Carly at Bucks Lake on May 28, 2014.  We hooked 3 Kokanee but just got one to the boat.  Still, a nice afternoon.


Carly and I saw a bunch of brown trout planted at the Sandy Point Boat Ramp on May 28, 2014.  Carly, Lisa, and I went back several times over the next couple days to harass them. 


Lisa and I went out for one last troll on the evening of May 30, 2014.  We caught a couple more nice little kokes. 


Took a little afternoon drive out to Biscar Reservoir in the northern Lassen County desert and chased the (not so) elusive Sacramento Perch.  My GoPro was more like a "stop pro" sitting atop some rocks on a Gorilla Pod.  The fish were smaller than I expected but it was a fun afternoon anyway!


-June 8, 2014


Went to Walker Lake in June 2014 to try to catch a bass.  The fish didn't cooperate but I turned the GoPro on prior to draggin' my 'yak down to the water.  My boy walked next to me so I couldn't resist putting this clip together!  (WARNING:  A full minute you'll NEVER get back!!!)  
Went out chasing bass at Walker Lake again on June 18, 2014.  Found a few fish this time on crankbaits but they were all pretty small.  Still, my boy got his first bass in a kayak so that was pretty cool.  
Some day I hope to figure out how to catch these local smallmouth.  I have much study to do but this fish form Butt Lake on July 6, 2014, is enough to keep my interest up.