Lotion Bar Tray

Walnut, Myrtlewood, Spalted Hackberry

May 2012

Here is a tray to hold a fancy lotion bar.  This was made for the birthday of a good friend who is getting ready to move to Idaho in pursuit of her dreams.

I don't have many photos of the construction process.  It was a learning curve on how to make a round "box" to put the lotion bar in.  Lots of broken failed attempts laying on the shop floor before I got to this point.  I finally looked at some "pen blanks" I bought of spalted hackberry and came up with this concept.  I ripped the pen blanks into 3/16" thick strips and cut them to length.  I then glued velveteen fabric to the backs of them so they'd stay together before curving the whole assembly around and inserting it into the myrtlewood top.  I then just dished out a scrap of walnut that I thought had character so that the tray cover would sit right inside.  Once I figured it out and got the templates made it was really quite simple to construct.  The Idaho state seal was then glued on and epoxied over as in several of my recent projects.


The box nearly complete and ready for finish (the old stand-by Seal-A-Cell / Armor-Seal combo)...


A couple shots of the complete box (wish I would have set it on something other than my outboard motor manual!)

Wood grain for page background:  Spalted Sycamore