Oak Office/Hutch Cabinets.  15 Feet in Length

This house had a 15 foot long, pretty much useless, alcove off of a room the homeowner was using as a home office/rec room.  The desk space on the right was built for a computer, allowing space on the top for the monitor, and has a pullout keyboard shelf.  The desk space on the left is a standard desk with a small pencil drawer above the knee space.  All of the drawers are locking units, keyed alike.  The 4 file drawers have hardware for hanging file folders and ride on industrial quality 150 pound capacity "over travel" slides (drawers can actually extend out of the openings 2 1/2" to allow easy access to the back files).   The lower space on the end holds the kids' video game/movie watching equipment.  The adjustable shelves, pictured here leaning up awaiting installation, have 1 1/2" wide solid oak edge bands, front and rear.  This stiffens the shelf to allow it to hold a great deal of weight as well as makes each shelf reversible should an edge get damaged.

Unfortunately, I never got any photos of this unit after the homeowner got it all loaded up and set up.   When these folks subsequently sold their home a year or so later, this piece was one of the showcase photos on their real estate ad!