Desktop Wallpapers                                 

I thought it would be kind of neat to take some of my photos and create some desktop wallpapers.  These images are saved in a standard 800X600 desktop resolution but they seem to work fine with a 1024X768 setting as well.  

Instructions for Windows users:

1) Click on an image below.  The image should open in a new window.

2) Once open, right click the image and select "Set as Background"

3) Enjoy

Instructions for Mac users:

If you were smart enough to buy a Mac, you probably don't need instructions on how to set your desktop!!!



Burney Falls Closeup


Burney Falls


Burney Falls

Susan River 1

Susan River 2

Susan River 3


Jimmy and Charlie


Jimmy and Judy


Jimmy and Sally


Jimmy and Ernie


Jimmy at Christmas


Jimmy Tie-dye Blanket


Kisses 25 Cents


Jimmy and Jimmy



Jimmy with Peggy and Jim


Jimmy and Ursula in the pool.

Eagle Lake Marina at Dusk

Eagle Lake Sunset Shot

 Fireworks shot from the Redding California Convention Center, July 4, 2006.


Eagle Lake Sunset


Tree stump at Taylor Lake


Lake side of Hoover Dam at night




Chopper picking up water basket

Big RC Plane

Ford GT at 140mph down the runway at the airport
































Sky shot


Sky Shot 2


Sky Shot 3

Salmon from opening day 2003

Shot of a hawk on a fence post near Deming New Mexico

Valley Quail at Honey Lake Wildlife area

Antelope near Hurly New Mexico

Carly with Burney Falls in Background (photoshop edit)

Charlie's 1925 John Deere "D"

Charlie on his 1925 John Deere "D"

Slow exposure of the fountain at the Redding City Hall shot on a rainy April night.


Redding City Hall building and fountain.

Cascade Theater on a rainy night.

Cascade Marquee

Discus in my buddy's tank

Deer in the headlights in our yard.


Christmas Morning Fawn 12/25/08

A couple night shots from the Janesville Park

Some shots from the Rogue River Gorge near Prospect Oregon

Entrance to Hurly Cemetery, Hurly New Mexico

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